Thursday October 20th 2016 EU Privacy evening 2: Paneldiscussion with Microsoft, Nico van Eijk and Stichting Privacy Nederland

Due to international guests, this event will be held in English.

The workgroup Privacy invites you to be present at the paneldiscussion with Microsoft. The discussion will be about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, storage of medical data on cloud servers and giving hacking rights to the police. Key-speakers: Jochem de Groot (Microsoft), Nico van Eijk and Romeo Kadir (Stichting Privacy Nederland). Date: Thursday October 20th. Location: GreenLeft HQ, Oudegracht 312 Utrecht. Doors: 19:30. Start 20:00. Registration is required, send an email to if you want to be on the guest list.

Update: With great joy the workgroup can announce that prof. dr. Nico van Eijk, Professor of Media and Telecommunications Law, will be joining the expertpanel!

Update: Sadly the workgroup has to announce that Facebook will not be present anymore. But we have found a worthy replacement, namely Romeo Kadir from Stichting Privacy Nederland!

Prominent guests:
-Judith Sargentini
-Lennart Huizing

Protection of personal data is not only a hot topic in European politics, but also a huge discussion in the corporate sector. On this evening we will have a discussion with our expert panel about the following 3 topics:

EU General Data Protection Regulation: The new EU rules on protection of personal data will bring big changes in our society. But do we want these changes?

Storage of medical data on cloud servers: There is an increase in storage of medical data online, to make this data available at all times. But how well is this medical data protected and to be more precise, protected from whom?

Hacking police: Cyber crime is difficult to deal with. Currently in the Netherlands, there is a proposal to allow the police to hack into computers. But what will this mean for our society if this proposal will be accepted?

If you want to be present at this event, send an email to